Monday, July 02, 2007

Interesting Happenings

The Teens and I went rock climbing with the youth groups from East City Wesleyan and Papkura. It was fun!

First Happening: I challenged Annie Wright to a race up the wall. Given she has climbed more than me lately, i thought it would just be a fun challenge to get her on the wall, but knew it wouldn't be easy. Everyone gathered around while we faced the wall with the easy holds and routes. Ready... Set... GO!!! We started to climb and i didn't have time to look over to see exactly what was going on, but just enough to see Annie kicking my butt! She was like a monkey! I started to catch up towards the top but she beat me to the top of the wall by a bodies length! Man! She was fast. Everyone was laughing and clapping for Annie and rightfully so. Turns out, i am walking around and Drew graciously comes up to me about 10 minutes later and says, "You know what happened right?" i said, "she beat me..." Then it all started to make sense. Right as he was beginning to explain... She had Help!!! The guys down below were yanking on her rope to make her go up faster!!! I was royally beat twice. First my guy morale was beaten by a girl! Then my intellect morale was beaten by the fact that everyone had pulled one over on me and i had no clue while everyone else saw this and laughed at my double defeat! Good times. Tushe. I am glad when we can sit back and laugh together! Even when it is at my expense! That's what friends are for!

Happening 2; We go to burger king afterwards and order the silence of the mouths meal right in the middle of the picture above. We asked for cheese on the whopper and the lady says, "I am sorry, we can't do that the meals are set." I asked, "You mean you can't charge me 40 extra cents for cheese?" i mean i know some computer systems are weird but come on!?! She said no and wouldn't do it! (if you look close on the bottom of the "Silence of the Mouths" section it says in small writing "no variations can be made to these meals." I finally saw that, but my problem was the big sign 20 times that size right next to me(sign below) that said, "Have it your way! Have a burger your way... Any Burger, Any Day." Oh yeah, for false advertisement. To the people's credit, they gave me cheese but more out of defeat and helplessness than fixing the problem.


Dan Eggenschwiler said...

Ok, first of all, thanks so much for the video post on your site. I definitely enjoyed watching (not the outcome). Second, I just want you to know that in the middle of your story of everyone laughing at you, I got my own kick out of your spelling of "touché" it odd, but I actually laughed out loud. But the story was really funny too....really, it was. Okay anyway, that's all. Wish I were there hanging out with you guys.

Annie Els said...

Actually, I really could kick your butt at rock climbing.

DaVe h0pewell's BLoG said...

gosh brent. you still should have beat her!!