Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fully Present

I have had an ongoing dilemna over the past few years.

I want to be fully present where ever I am and don’t know how to do that.

I don’t want a cell phone. I don’t want a laptop or internet. Yet I love how they connect me to people and are so convenient. On the other hand, the worldwide web overwhelms me. I don't know who i can keep up with and on what level. How do I find the boundaries there?!? Too many emails, inbox messages, etc. When do you say it is too much? When do you figure out an alternative? How do people have time to check facebook, myspace, email, AIM, blog, and text on their cell. I am not that coordinated and do not feel like I have that much time to waste online, think, and live a fully present life. Where is my ministry?
Where I would’ve spent a couple hours outside, 10 years ago, I now spend it sitting infront of the computer.

I have always tried to treat people as equal and important in my mind. I see that as a strength in myself but what ends up happening is i don't know how to sort my priorities in relationships and when i just don't have time for someone or long conversations.

Lord continue to teach me in this area!

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