Friday, August 31, 2007

A Look at SpringLake

I am now living in Spring Lake, Michigan!
I am working at Spring Lake Wesleyan as a youth intern for the fall.
I will also be speaking and contacting churches about raising support to return to New Zealand in January.

I am living in a host home with Brit & Suzie Cary. There boys are Seth(10), Drew(12) and Tyler(15) (from left to right). They live in a nice neighborhood where everyone already knows my name and how long i am staying! ha. They are all just really close and laid back.
They live 3miles from Grand Haven Beach! That is a 10 min drive or a 30 minute run. Love it!
These first two weeks will be big for getting settled and moving forward, focused and determined, as i figure out the church, support raising, and continuing Master's courses online in the Spring!


sara jean said...

Yay for Grand Haven beach, watch heeps of sunsets for me please! They are so wonderful and such an amazing display of God's beautiful creation.

BJ said...

This brings back memories of when I was the oldest SLWC intern ever! 2003 was a good year...