Monday, August 20, 2007

Global Partners

The group at GP

So i spent the last week in Indianapolis learning about what it means to be a missionary. There is still a lot to be learned, but here were a few things that really hit home for me.

Misconceptions of Missions I have seen:
BEGGING: No shame in asking; can come across as beggars always having an agenda; always after you just for your money
Lucky because traveling and on the field like so many of us desire to be.
GIVE UP EVERYTHING: Have to be HURTING, uncomfortable, and out of comfort zone to be in missions: We want to feel bad for our missionaries or know they sacrificing and making much out of little. Helping the helpless.
The Reality:
EDUCATING BODY: Support Raising is just as much educating, involving others, and blessing others through team involvement
People are asking for your money all day long through advertisements why is it so bad when it is for a good cause?
EDIFYING BODY: High cause: our lives and asking is for others... not for our own benefit
Sacrifice: it is a social, financial, time, and "American life" sacrifice.
Providing opportunity. Not begging. Beggars just ask for money for food with no work. you are asking them to take part in a ministry and invest in the body.

I am excited to go and raise support
It's a chance to share God and how he is moving, who cares about the money

Abundance Mentality-
There are more than enough resources to fulfill God's vision

Everyone that supports me in prayer or finance takes part in anything that happens while i am in New Zealand. The ministry becomes an attribute to God and the body bringing people to Christ. Every supporter in the US is gaining brothers and sisters in Christ that they will get to rejoice with and meet in heaven one day!

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