Sunday, August 12, 2007

Taking Steps Forward

I am in Indianapolis all week if anyone wants to hangout at night.

I head to Indianapolis today to attend training with Global Partners to head back to New Zealand. This is really my next big step in the process of going back. They will tell me about what it means to go over as a missionary and the steps i will need to take physically, spiritually, and financially to return. It will be interesting.

I love being taught and equipped.

I love getting the inside scoop and what it means to be more of a missionary.

It helps me understand how to impact the people of New Zealand for the kingdom of God

I feel called to return and i am excited to see the Lord provide and work as i work hard also in the process to see and make this happen.

Random Thought:
It always seems that I am working too hard, being too lazy, or having too much fun. Just read a quote that said life is not a scientific solution but a piece of art. I plan to enjoy my imbalanced life in the midst of figuring it out!


sara jean said...

Good on it up!!

sarah b. said...

what's up?!!!

San Diego and Sarah Dignal (Burmeister) miss you! COME BACK! (sometime)

Anonymous said...

HEY Ty an I will be in Indy all day saturday for a curling thing that he will be participating in. It will probably end around 4 ish in the afternoon. You wanna meet up with Lynne, Shadow, and Charissa in Indy and hang out that evening? Get ahold of Lynne or I! Hope you are having fun!