Friday, April 25, 2008

How crazy is the shark attack in Solana Beach this morning!?!

I went surfing with Trace and Corey this morning from about 6-9. This is Corey.
It turns out in that time that we surfed a guy was attacked by a shark less then 10 miles away
The crazy part is that Trace and i were sitting in the water talking about how it blows my mind as to why people are so afraid of shark attacks (prior to hearing about this news). I was ranting that statistically it is a ridiculous longshot!

Well maybe it is a little more close to home than i thought, but i still rest pretty securely on some of the stats below:
The last known fatal shark attack in San Diego County was in 1959, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History's Shark File.

Other stats of death stats.
Shark Attack 4 (out of 57 total attacks)
Contact with hot tap-water 26
Lightning 47
Contact with hornets, wasps and bees 66
Intentional self-poisoning 5,462

In my head i will continue to surf and rationalize it as this: sure that happened, and it happened close, and it will definitely make me WAY more cautious, but i have a better chance of statistically dying by a bee sting, car crash, or lightning, but i definitely don't hide out from bees. or avoid driving, or flee from thunderstorms.

It is a part of the everyday life of a surfer. It is just as real, but less probable than the risk every person who drives to work takes of getting in a car accident and dying.
Sorry mom
for scaring you as usual, but hopefully you are getting kind of used to it.


Anonymous said...

You're not funny!

Unknown said...

I'm still upset with you in regards to our shark talk...grr...



Lynne Howard said...

oh my gosh, i saw that on the news, and i was worried too!!

Courtney Day said...

Ahaha I thought of you as soon as I heard this report.
Finally back in California surfing and there's bad weather and a shark attack.
Nice :P

B said...

it only seems fitting that the sharks come out when i am around!