Sunday, June 08, 2008

Breaking Chairs!

When did bending or breaking a chair leg go from being careless as a kid to being an overweight adult?!?!
I remember a pool party where a father leaned back in his chair, the leg gave out, and he hit his head on the wall. Once he was pronounced okay, i laughed with everyone else who found the situation humurous, but the father still seemed shaken up. I now realize it was pride more than pain.

When you were young and light, breaking a chair was funny and everyone laughed including you as long as no one was seriously hurt because it was usually the cause of you being stupid.

Then one day somewhere down the line, I sat in a chair and broke it and it wasn't funny anymore. It was sad. I still laughed, but inside you think, "ohh... when did i become overweight?!"

It went from humurous to sad! I say this in a comical way because i believe others understand me. If they don't... well then that proves all the more that i am probably over normal weight! haha!

Let's just pause and take a moment of silence for our days of faster metabolism.


Kelly Benware said...

Did I tell you I fell backwards in Quizno's this year?!

About Brandon said...

Can't wait to see you soon bro!


B said...

I love my family, kel, did you slip or break the chair?

Kelly Benware said...

Fell backwards; B made me laugh at something. I was leaning forward so far that the chair slid out from under me and there I went.