Monday, June 09, 2008

Is it Worth it?

I decided to go for a long enjoyment run on Sunday. It was 85 and humid out, so i was sweating like crazy. I passed like 5 different couples sitting out on their porch. One man leaned back in his chair with an apologetic look as i passed.
"Do i even have to ask, 'Is it worth it?'"
as he shrugged his shoulders.
Usually i think before my replies, but an automatic exclamation came out this time:

Yes it is worth it!
It makes me so much happier at the end of the day!" I replied.

I don't know why but it felt so right! I am convinced that that guy gave running a second thought because of my enthusiasm. I don't blame the guy for thinking I was in pain.

I have this problem i would like to call Sweating syndrome (Hyperhidrosis). It is an actual condition and i do not think i actually have it but i wonder sometimes (see the picture below).
I always sweat when i am active and there are other times i sweat just sitting or standing somewhere.
When i get pessimistic about sweating a lot
People like to encourage me with the line, "it means you're healthy if you sweat a lot."
It may hold some medical validity, but let's be honest, i sweat a lot when i am in shape, and i would definitely sweat a lot if i was out of shape. It really doesn't mean i am healthy. It just means i sweat a lot. But thanks for all those who tried!

I just wish i had that same enthusiasm and instant response to my walk with the Lord and so many aspects of my life.

More recently i rediscovered my purpose in running. Running is a timeout from my day that is focused on me being able to push myself as hard as i want to. I enjoy the physical activity, the challenge, the results, it gives me more energy in my day, i feel more accomplished at the end of the day, and it helps me understand God better through it's analogy and comparison to life. Sunday's purpose was an enjoyment run.

I think it is time to rediscover my purpose in other areas and to go for enjoyment runs in other areas so that when the time comes that someone looks at my life and asks, "Is it worth it?" that i am just as enthused and excited to say,

"Yes! Yes it is!"

while enjoying and having the purpose or goal in mind!

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Lynne Howard said...

oxymoron= enjoyment run. : )