Monday, June 30, 2008

North Carolina Family Vacation

Updates, updates, updates...
So i just got back from a two week trip to North Carolina. I had little time and little internet access, so i have a lot of pictures and details to share over the next week.

The first week consisted of the whole family visiting my mom's parents on the farm and staying at a beach house for the rest of the week.

The Farm in Thomasville North Carolina

my dad caught a 5 foot black snake that we played with.

we played badminton, croquet, bocce ball, and much much more!
This is my mom, her parents Chester and Gwen, and their great grandchild Jaylon
Here is Brenton surprising us with the cannonball as we swam in the pond. (Look at the faces! Those are really our reactions! We couldn't have been more expressive even if we tried)

Here is the Beach House in Holden Beach North Carolina that old friends from Greensboro were kind enough to share.

Brandon , Brenton, and I coming back from the beach while it was drizzlingWe slept in most days. We ate a lot. It was mostly sunny and we played in the beach and the water. It was a very relaxing and good time to enjoy the family.

I got to read and enjoy. Since coming back from New Zealand to raise support, this was the most free time that i set aside to just rest and be. I worked ahead so i didn't have any homework from doing my Master's online at Liberty. There will be a lot to follow in the following posts about how God has taught me and poured into me over these past two weeks. There is such value in having strategic times of rest. God definitely knew what He was talking about when he created the Sabbath.


About Brandon said...

Great summary of the trip. There were too many cool moments to summarize in a blog post, huh?

I'm feeling so rested and energized after that trip.

Anonymous said...

Carolina is a beautiful place & one of my favorite also for family vacation trip.