Friday, June 06, 2008

Birthdays, friends, and facebook are great!

I would like to say facebook messages on your birthday don't count because they are expected or a give in, but i can't say that... they're great. There is something so fun about getting a lot of posts and messages from friends pampering you with attention one day out of the year! (for those of you who do not have facebook, it automatically reminds your friends when your birthday is coming)

I also had some HILARIOUS voicemails so i recorded them into a quick video so you could share the joy and smiles i received listening to my great friends and family. Click the video below to hear!

I also did a little shopping with my mom and i am especially excited about the presents i received.
I got some mp3 speakers that i bought with birthday money

and i got some new shorts from pac sun that can match anything. always a plus

I Also randomly ran into saw some friends in south bend including John Hoefer, Hannah, & Brooke Hulse. That is always fun!


Anonymous said...

Brotha; I was excited about the voicemails but it says your video is no longer available. What's up?!

- Kel

BJ said...

Happy Birthday! Next one in NZ?!?!