Wednesday, September 10, 2008


When I first got here I had
-no landline
-no cellphone
-no internet at the house

talk about not feeling able to communicate with people!
I was trying to meet Brett at church the second morning and I turned the wrong way on a road. As I was driving I looked down for the first time and realized the car I had picked up yesterday was below empty! I realized as I was driving that if I ran out of gas I didn’t know where I was going and I had no phone numbers to call anybody and no way anyone could contact me. As soon as I realized that I started to pull into a gas station as my car started to jolt. Then I realized the gas station wouldn’t take my credit card so I was stuck there! Luckily a nice 50 year old lady declined my offer of ten American Dollars and gave me directions to where I needed to go and $5 of gas(called petrol here).

Now I have a cell phone and a full tank of gas so I am good to go! All I need now is internet and a landline!

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