Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Early Observations

Kiwi guys cook?
Maybe it is the resourceful/creating side of the culture, but I have found a lot more males who like to do the cooking at home here so far than i knew in the states.
Young Adults go out- This is the first day so far that I have actually been at home at night and I was thinking that things will change some and life will get more settled at home, but deep down inside I realized, young adults are just going to go out more and do things at night. Our friends are our family since we don't have one to come home to at night and most of them don’t live together, so most likely we are going to go out to meet up with our friend/family or else we are going to try and add more friends to their family by socializing.
Need for Prayer-
I will repeat this over and over, but an underlying theme since the first time I came to NZ has been the serious need for prayer. For things to change and hearts to be warmed in New Zealand and especially cession|community, there is a HUGE call to prayer warriors around the world and to begin to call up new prayer warriors already here in New Zealand.

Saying "eh"
You know it is bad when I am righting a paper for my online classes and every time I make a point I am tempted to write “eh” because I keep saying it in my head every time i make a point. Scary.


sara jean said...

So so true eh?

Anonymous said...

I thought "eh" was a Canadian thing?! Every time someone hears I am marrying a Canadian, they ask if he says "eh" all the time! He doesn't, since he has been here for so long, but I think it's cute! Girls like guys with an accent!! :)

Also, wanted to let you know we are praying for you!! You are awesome and God is using you!