Monday, September 22, 2008

One Frustration and Relationships

(my frustration after my first bowl)

The one frustration has been internet and a home line. It has taken FOREVER to get signed up and have it connected at our flat. I can use the internet and phone at the office, but i only have a limited time, so i have not been able to keep up with personal friends, the blog, and emails as much as i would like.

How the internet is different: you don't just sign up for a flat monthly rate... you choose the usage and pay for that like you will upload and download 5GB of info/month.... still getting used to how much that means exactly?

Outside of that, i have been meeting with tons of people:

When you are in relatively smaller church, there is a business side of things, but the ministry seems to still be much more about relationships and people than extra paperwork and programs at this point.... i like that.

Young adults is a big target of my personal ministry...
This last weekend i was able to help coordinate a dinner and bowling outing to get about 17 of us together. Bringing this group together was awesome and everyone got a well.

I meet with different youth groups, leaders of cell groups, and ministries this week.
(I don't know exactly what was happening at the moment of this picture!?) but Rhett and Sarah are two i will work with since Rhett and I meet once a week for accountability and Sarah has been overseeing first contact (welcoming visitors).


Anonymous said...

Ha! That is the worst photo of me I've ever seen!

Jacobunny said...
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Jacobunny said...

Yeah Rhett, not your best side mate. Don't you love how these things just make their way into cyberspace in a bid for freedom!

I still think you're a beautiful man anyway ;-P

PS: Brent, who won?
PPS: I hear your grievances with internet connections...

[sorry about the delete - had a spelling issue and that bugs the anal side of me!]

Rachel said...

I love the upset bowler least you bowled in the right direction!!!

B said...

this face makes me laugh rhett, but i will change the photo if you give me another one of you and Sarah!

Jacobunny said...

Nah, don't change it bro! Totally leave it there. Siftu doesn't really mind do you??

Anonymous said...

Yeah Brent, how could you? I thought we were friends!

Just kidding.

I don't mind at all! :-)

And now I'm logging in to Facebook to upload all my pictures of Jacob.