Sunday, September 14, 2008

First week pictures

I don't have church pictures yet, but here are some of the first week pictures and adventures.
I unpacked, worked, and was able to take two days with friends out on a lake before i get into a full time schedule and have everything settled.
The boys getting ready for our first paddle... where the orange kayak sunk below the water!
Geoff showing his birthday present with the hat and glasses
"Batches"(lake houses) down on Lake Rotoiti
The Davies family and Rachel and Sara
My revisit to my first NZ jump off the pier wasn't quite what i expected
Dinner the first night i arrived with Graeme my roommate(to my right), the fussners(sitting to my left minus Jeff), Sara Dekker (renting from the Fussners) and the Jones' family:  Brett(my boss), Kristen holding Reagan, and Reese
My bed and room
The car i am currently using outside the stairs to the flat i am sharing with Graeme
Downtown auckland from the Auckland Bridge.

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Anonymous said...

you know when you have made it in life when you feature on brent dongells blog!