Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last few Weeks and This Week

Last Few Weeks:
Thank you for those who prayed for my health while the IWU(Indiana Wesleyan University) missions team was here. After 2 days rest I was back in action although I lost my voice and haven’t completely gotten it back until a couple of days ago!
Evy's Last Dinner
The IWU team Leaving
At the Gathering family camp where the (IWU team helped out) we had 12 kids make decisions for the Lord.

On June 10 I sent the IWU team and Evy Mazellan who had become a close friend and surfing buddy back home to the US. (it is ridiculous, but you can watch part of my goodbye present to him here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ4VXKCREnI)
I took a few days to rest that weekend afterwards!

This Week:
I found housing for me after my roommate Graeme Els gets married to Annie Wright on July 4 and they live in our current place.

I have a great opportunity to go to the nights of Hillsong Conference July 7-10 in Sydney Australia, and then spend a few extra days in Australia.

Following that, My parents have also made it possible for me to go on the family vacation July 18-30 in Lexington and Holden beach North Carolina. This will be great so I can spend time with the family and meet my new nephew Kylan Jackson.
We will also be visiting my grandparents on the farm who are in their later years of life. They practically are the coolest and godliest grandparents ever!
What this means:
I move to a temporary spot for two weeks before I head to Australia and the US in July.

When I return I will move into Jeff and Beth Fussner’s place.
Since the Fussners are moving to the US I will be without the huge support I have received from them, although cession|community and the Jones family will be a big help.

It will also mark close to the midpoint of my 2 year commitment here in New Zealand and so I will have to more seriously start prayerfully considering my next placement after my 2 year commitment here is done.

Tongan group praying
God answers prayers:

Although my voice was gone longer, my actual sickness only kept me down for a few days.

God has provided a great housing opportunity for me in this high stress time.

My ministry is expanding: I was able to sit down with a Nazerene missions team and brief them on New Zealand.

I will spend a day prepping Phil V, an exchange student from Germany, who became a Christian here in New Zealand and is returning to a less spiritually encouraging situation back at home.
I came expecting God to affirm a call to evangelism, but instead he is really reaffirming my heart to disciple and mentor: I am closely involved and working with a lot of young adults who are either up and coming youth leaders or people who are trying to reengage and take their life and Christian walk more seriously.

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