Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sometimes i feel like a stalker...

I feel like a stalker… unless proven otherwise.

Just in case you are not a single male over 20 years old, let me let you in on one of the newer feelings I have experienced. It is completely awkward to find yourself walking behind a teenage or elementary aged girl by myself.
It doesn’t matter how nice i am dressed or if it is on the side of the road or in a mall or wherever. If i am heading in the same direction as a girl and find myself walking behind them, I will almost always get the awkward side glance from the girl to see what I look like or how close I am and then the girl quickly looks away and keeps walking staring on a straight line forward or down to avoid eye contact as though I am an immediate threat.

Sad days!

Somewhere along the lines of being over 20 years old I went from being an innocent fellow child or teenager to an immediate threat and older man unless proven otherwise.

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