Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So... Ran a Half Marathon Yesterday!

No, It wasn't an official race. it wasn't planned. I just moved into my temporary spot and decided to go for a run. As i was running i spotted Mt Wellington (below) about an hour or so before sunset and wondered if i could make it there before the sun disappeared...
I was more focused on the challenge than the fact that i had to back track to get home and only realized that getting to the top of the hill by sunset (which i just barely did) meant that i had at least an hour run home too!
It wasn't a full half marathon, it was more like 12 miles (19.3 kms), but i am justifying it in my head as a half! :)
The view from the top was amazing and i was really stoked because my personal goal is to run a half marathon every year. I haven't run a half marathon in over a year and i am signed up to run the Auckland half marathon in Oct/Nov, but i still had a year gap where i was missing out and this pretty much made up for it!

me legs are a little sore today...

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