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Hillsong Conference 09 One Liners (Pt 2)

There is a lot here, but it is a really interesting read!!!

Hillsong ONE-Liners
• Your greatest Weakness may be God’s Greatest Strengths. –Craig Groeschel
• Preaching is telling a story but telling a story isn’t necessarily preaching –Craig Groeschel
• Be Yourself. Lead how you are supposed to… how God has created you to. Brian Houston & Joel Olsteen
• To reach people that noone is reaching you have to do things other people aren’t doing – Craig Groeschel
• Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it. So instead of saying “and” say “or” - Craig Groeschel
• How many can come up with $100,000 by Friday? What if your child is going to die and he needs a $100,000 shot to survive? What happened, you just got passionate! -Craig Groeschel
• God guides by what he provides BUT God also guides by what he withholds. –Craig Groeschel
• Your limitations could be your biggest innovations -Craig Groeschel
• Failure isn’t an option it is a necessity -Craig Groeschel
• If people around you don’t have “it”, maybe it is because you don’t have “it”. -Craig Groeschel
• “I became a fulltime pastor and part time follower of Christ” -Craig Groeschel
• You say, “I don’t know how to get “it” back!?! I reckon if it was pretty easy you would’ve done it already. -Craig Groeschel
• Don’ say my wife burned too and I know what you are going through… that doesn’t make me feel any better…. SAY: I have been through similar experience and God was my comfort –Robin
• Psalm 108 singing is not a suggestion but an instruction -Darlene Duchess
• Peter- steps out in faith and fails… calls out to Jesus. He did that with a little faith, Imagine what he would do with a lot!!! –N/A
• The Doctor said I had prostate cancer and I asked him what were the chances he could have assessed the situation wrong. He said, “statistically about 1%.” Ian replied “….well that’s good because I have always been in the top 1% of whatever I do!” -Ian Woods
• I don’t know that I’ve ever found the exactly right person to hire…EVER! –Brian Houston
• If always looking outward always going to be dissatisfied with what you have. -Brian Houston
• Lead and guide don’t govern and control –Mark Ramsey
• If you’re too weak to put the platform up, then you’re too small to stand on it! – Mark Connor
• Success- is you reaching your God given potential instead of having bigger church than the guy next door. –Mark Connor
• Definition of Passion- the degree of difficulty your willing to endure to accomplish the goal –Louie Giglio
• The last word of Acts 28:31 means “unstoppable.” -Jentezen Franklin
• Faith is spelled R.I.S.K. -Jentezen Franklin
• I prayed and asked God, “God, why are you so hard on me in this life? Because your mother is so hard on me!!!” –Jentezen Franklin
• In regards to David and Goliath- God says -I’ll never send you into a battle with a giant with not only enough but more than enough to conquer this. -Jentezen Franklin
• A Leader’s Constant Companion: Pain –Craig Groeschel
• Bird flying south for winter but late for journey so got caught in ice storm that pierced his body and came in for crash landing but snow and ice kept coming and was encompassing him and freezing him. surrendering to death. Cow walked by and stood right on top of him. Then dropped manure and pooped on him. Worst thing ever not only going to die by with this poop, but the warmth was freezing the bird from the snow… started tweeting with joy then a cat heard the tweeting and came and at the bird. Dead. 3 Morals to the story:1. Not everyone who drops manure on you is your enemy 2. Not everyone who digs you out is your friend 3. When you are in deep manure keep your mouth shut
• Could it be that the difference between where you are and where God wants you to be is the pain that you are unwilling to endure? –Craig Groeschel
• The higher you go, the more devils you will face –Joyce Meyer
• Put a dozen crabs in bucket and they won’t escape because when one starts to get out the others will pull him back down. Craig Groeschel
• If you follow Jesus you are going to be persecuted, If your not hurting your not leading. Craig Groeschel
• Quickest way to forget what God thinks about you is to become obsessed with what other people think about you!!! Craig Groeschel
• Why is it that a businessman will make the hard decision of firing someone for money but we are not willing to make the right decision in the church for God… How much more serious is it for someone to hurt the Body of Christ by being in the wrong place? –Craig Groeschel
• God said to me “Don’t blame yourself for the declines because if you do you will be tempted to take credit for the increases” –Craig Groeschel
• There is more in you. Step through the pain. There is more in you.
• Do you have a vision that would inspire culture? –Brian Houston
• Delegate tasks and create followers. Delegate authority and create leaders -Craig Groeschel
• Don’t magnify the problem magnify our God- Joel Olsteen
• You water a Chinese bamboo plant for 4 years without seeing results, but its making roots then it can grow up to 80ft in the next year. –Joel Olsteen
• You wouldn’t be breathing today unless God had another victory for you in the future. Joel Olsteen
• “There’s usually a good reason why someone is not up to par” –Joel Olsteen
• I want to live my life as a healer. I want people to say at the end of my life: “That man was a healer. That man was a restorer” –Joel Olsteen
• A true friend walks in when everyone else walks out
• Jn 1:14 Messages “God sent himself in the flesh, surely the church can! –Dianna Crouch
• I pray: “God bring the right people to us and weed out those who shouldn’t be.” –Joel Olsteen
• You only have so much emotional energy. –Joel Olsteen
• My passion: Empowering people to become all that they’ve been created to be. Joel Olsteen
• In regards to Discouraging Comments: “Everyone is right to have their opinions. If you listen to them though you start preaching defensive… I preach like everybody loves me!!! -Joel Olsteen
• Leadership is following Jesus. –Louie Giglio
• Jesus didn’t create us to do anything greater that to fall in love with Him –Louie Giglio
• I want a story that can’t be told and broke down into intricate detail… it was just God. Louie Giglio
• Do you know you are not the Christ? When someone asks you who you are, what is your response?
• Passion staff often prays: “Dear God, save them from us and give them you” –Louie Giglio
• NOTHING more tiring than trying to be the I AM. I know I AM NOT- it hurts because it drives a dagger right through self!!! –Louie Giglio
• “I AM not but I know I AM.” –Louie Giglio-
• There are about 4 million churches in world and 8 million people in slave trafficking. Two slaves to every church… What is the church going to start doing about this?- Louie Giglio
• How to avoid a spiritual Hangover is to stay drunk on the Spirit; Stay under the influence. Based on Acts 2:13
1. 1st way to tell a drunk is by the way they talk
2. Only way to endure a drunk is to get drunk with them
3. A drunk is never far from a binge
4. When drunk ugly things start looking pretty
5. Drunks have no feelings
6. Drunks have no pride
7. Drunks never like to drink alone
8. Drunks talk a lot; they never shut up
9. A Drunk will give you the shirt off his back
10. A Drunk loves everybody
11. Drunks love to fight
12. A Drunk will do anything to get a Drink -Jentezen Franklin

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