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Hillsong Conference 09 Summary (Pt1)

This is What you have all been waiting for!
Here is my 3 part series on Hillsong Conference!!!
It was held in Acer Arena
Here is the view from the top

Hillsong Speakers:
(Click on picture to enlarge)
Joel & Victoria Olsteen- Pastors of the largest and fastest growing US church with 40,000+ attendees
Israel Houghton & Lakeword Worship Team (Joel Olsteen’s church)
Craig Groeschel- Founder and Sr. Pastor of
Jentezen Franklin- Sr. Pastor of Free Chapel Worship Center
Louie Giglio- Teacher through Passion and now pastor
Chris Tomlin- Musician
Brian & Bobbie Houston- Sr. Pastors of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia
Darlene Zschech- Worship leader and pastor at Hillsong Church
Hillsong United & Brooke Fraser- Praise and Worship Band
Christine Caine- Speaker
Donna Crouch- Executive Pastor over Hillsong CityCare
Joel A’Bell- Works alongside the Houston’s with Hillsong campuses
Delirious (Web Streaming)- to say goodbye and thankyou as their time as a band is ending

The Conference Breakdown:
(I took notes on all of these so let me know if you want more on a certain sermon or all of my 15 pages of notes!!!)
TUESDAY: Unshakeable
NIGHT Session: “It” Craig Groeschel

WEDNESDAY: Unshakeable Faith
1. ROBIN- Wife burned badly
2. DARLENE DZECH- Miscarriage
3. Guys son ANDREW died of cancer
4. IAN WOODS healed of cancer
Brian Houston and leaders on “Selecting and Releasing the Right People to break Growth Barriers”
NIGHT Session- Jentezen Franklin
1.Jesus is with me 2.God is at the bottom 3.I Have Faith For This

THURSDAY: Unshakeable Hope
MORNING Session- Craig Groschel- A Leader’s Constant Companion: Pain
AFTERNOON Session- Brian Houston
Creating a Culture that Facilitates vision
AFTERNOON Session- Interview Giglio
NIGHT Session- Joel Olsteen "Being a Healer with Words" & Lakewood Service

FRIDAY: Unshakeable Love

MORNING Session- Jentezen Franklin: Drunk in the Spirit
MORNING Session 2 Dianna Crouch: Going Good Samaritan
MORNING Session 2 Joel Olsteen Interview
AFTERNOON Session: Louie Giglio: I AM not but I know I AM
NIGHT Session: Louie Giglio- It’s Time to go out

ENGAGING- I was impressed with how Hillsong did corporate worship. It didn't feel like a performance but more like worshiping and engaging together. (CAUTION: I took a lot of pictures that make it look like a production, but when you are there it doesn't feel like it or isn't encouraged to be from the stage)
HUMBLE- Impressive Humility: The "screen time" was shared as different music leaders led different songs so that it was not about one person ie. Brook Fraser- a great and popular musician led one song and the rest of the time was more in the background just helping lead instead of it being about her. They talked money and products but always in terms of people, heart, and strategy so it never felt like they were trying to sell me something for profit

NERVOUS LEADERS Most leaders said that they were worried/nervous/insecure about preaching and leading at the beginning of ministry. It was good to hear these people are real human beings.
TV View- At Acer Arena most people were probably looking at the screens. (estimate) 75% watch screen and 25% watch person on actual stage. Interesting take when you choose what to show… (different level of service ministry)
PARTICIPATION- You really decide whether to receive, participate, engage, and be open to the music and messages or whether you would rather watch and disassociate
SPIRIT OF PRAYER- There was a real spirit of prayer around the time we were led in music
I appreciating Hillsong's exhortation and humble spirit. If other people were touched or connecting with God through prayer in the same way I was, then that was definitely a house of prayer.
GLORY OF GOD FOCUS- There was constant mentioning of the "glory of God"
PREACHING- Lively/joking/emotional/highs and lows. I am usually skeptical about preachers that encourage you to say stuff, but i found that when some of these speakers did encourage me they were encouraging a response that was already inside of me but i was too lazy or unsure of how to respond out loud.
VISION- I loved the vision of these guys (Giglio, Houston, Groschel, etc.) You can just feel the passion in their words and stories and proclamations. I Need to get a little more excited… dare I say passionate about what I am preaching.
Church Culture Shock- It was crazy going from the lively Hillsong Conference to a very somber reverent Chrysalis service to a small but anointed Lismore church worship service. Just crazy to go through completely different styles and sizes of worship services in a matter of 2 days.
SEEING FRIENDS It was awesome! I saw all my friends amongst 20,000 people the first night without contacting them: Leon, Lena Jean, Kim, and Jake.
They had a section reserved on the floor for Power House- The Young adults ministry to "bring the energy" and to just "go all out"
The Last night they Brought in the teens for a combined service

I had to take the train in everyday
This is the walk from place to place

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