Sunday, March 21, 2010

A new way of Fasting from John Wesley

Obviously, if it is from John Wesley, it is not that new... but it was new for me.

I was recently informed that John Wesley's weekly fast was to not eat after dinner thursdays and then to eat again by Friday dinner.
In essence he was only skipping breakfast and lunch (2 meals instead of 3)

I mean i have always skipped a meal here and there for a fast, but when i was trying to fast for a time period like a whole day, i would've expected myself to be giving up: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I actually really like his cycle in that it sounds more sustainable instead of a copout if one is to consider regularly fasting. When i don't eat all day, i definitely get weaker and don't honestly follow through on a weekly basis, but with Wesley's rhythm i feel like i would still get enough nutrition on the days even when i was fasting to be more sustainable on a regular weekly process.

Haven't tested this yet so i can't tell you how it will turn out, just thinking out loud.

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