Saturday, December 30, 2006

Plane Trip

I Made It!!! There is way too much to write in a little time so i am going to gradually post this week. I arrived yesterday i arrived but too many things happened in that one day and the plane trip to go through it all. This will describe my plane trip, later i will post all that happened in my first day, and tomorrow or the next day i will post a lot of the main differences between NZ and US.
Flight 1

On my first flight, i sat down nervous little to expect Professor Russ Gunsulas would walk by me on my flight to Charlotte, NC. It was such an encouragement to see a familiar face to talk to though. I also had a good conversation with a man in his 50's named jack who had just been informed that he had cancer and was given under a year to live. He was going to visit his family. I wanted to pray with him on the plane, but by the time i had a chance the plane was on the ground and it would've been awkward.

Flight 2

On my second flight that was 4 hours, from NC to LA, CA Nick Lachey sat in first class. you can see the back of his head with the hat on. I didn't want to bother him otherwise since he seemed to be hiding. I also watched the Illusionist which i thought was an extremely good movie.

Flight 3

On my third flight that was 12 hours from LA to Auckland, NZ i sat next to Zoe and Lexi who lived in Christchurch, NZ but now lived in Melbourne, Australia. They were so much fun to talk to as they informed me of all the things to do and say while in New Zealand. They made the trip seem to go a lot quicker. I got off went through customs.. and i will have to finish the rest of the story later.

right now it is 6:30PM New Years Eve which is 12:30am Sunday US Eastern time and 9:30PM Saturday Pacific time. But i have to go because the host family we have is getting ready to have guests come over in the next 10 minutes. I will post the very eventful day later. Thanks for the prayers and for everyone that is following me thus far. It has been amazing, smooth, and very encouraging thus far!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun, exciting trip so far! Good job keeping us updated regularly :) We enjoy hearing from you and what is going on! You are awesome! You're in our thoughts and prayers! -Anne

Anonymous said...

FYI, that wasn't Nick. We had him in a different part of the country that week. Sorry. J. Burgess of Mansell Management