Thursday, July 26, 2007


I finally made it home. I feel like i have been traveling to my body's end!
and i'm tired.

I just got home for a little while and my whole self just felt like it slumped over in exhaustion.

it feels good to just sit somewhere for awhile.

I spent July 15-22 with my family in North Carolina and July 23-26 with my friends Dave Hopewell and Levi Huffman in Columbus, Ohio and just got to my parents house in Plymouth, Indiana tonight.

Here has been my traveling lately

Australia Round Trip
(Melbourne to Cairns to Brisbanne)
flying hrs 5250km 3260mi 7 hours
driving hrs 4907km 3049 miles 51 hours

Work at camp
Auckland to Taupo Round Trip
Driving hrs: 560km 346 miles 8 hours

Flying to Indiana
Auckland, New Zealand to Indianapolis, USA
flying hrs: 13223km 8216 miles 17 hours

Family Vacation
Plymouth, IN to North Carolina Round Trip
Driving hrs: 2172 kms 1350 miles 26hrs

Dave and Levi Visit
Driving Hrs: 322kms 200miles 3 Hrs

It was even more scattered than that but over the last two months i have traveled
driving distance: 7,958kms 4,945miles 88hrs
flying distance: 18,468kms 1,1476miles 24hrs
Total distance: 26,427kms 16,421 miles
Total travel hours: 112hrs! over 4 and a half days of solid travel!!!\

A lot of numbers to say, my body is ready to be in one spot for awhile... or at least something like that.

Cool things are happening with some friends. Will update you soon!

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Jon said...

I love that you still measure in Kilometers even when you are talking about distance in the US.