Sunday, July 08, 2007

Off to work

I am off to the Mountains from Monday to Friday this week to be a snowboard instructor. your prayers are appreciated on this one! It will be a crazy week!

Life is good.

I miss consistency and a set life plan.

I am learning and preparing.

The adventure and experience has been priceless

God is at work.

I can't wait to see and be apart of it wherever that is around me this week!
i feel like i will be sharing about my faith at least once on this trip.

Time will tell.

Finishing well.
- I feel like i left college well
- i also feel that i have left this time and place well. Never easy, never everything, but enough, and fitting! God is good.


Stephanie said...

Hey man!! I hear you're an uncle, congrats!! I actually saw pics of the little guy this past week. Christina Irvine and I went up and stayed with Brock (Bruce) for the 4th and he had new pics. And while Brock, Christina, and I were at the fireworks, we saw Dan, too! He said that you were gonna be down there for a little while, yet. Hope all is well in New Zealand!!

BJ said...

What time is the flight out?