Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ran across New Zealand today!

They have this coast to coast race in the South Island but i couldn't make it down for it so i made my own run up in Auckland.

That was probably one of the most challenging, stretching, painful, stupid things i have ever done! First my knee joints hurt, then my calves, then my quads and gradually my whole legs! I stopped a few times, once to tie my shoes, once to fill up on water, and a third time to talk to miss pessimistic. The whole thing took me 4:37:36 to run. 21-22 miles 35km! intense but challenging!

I talked to two people on the road. the first lady said my destination was "ages off" and i didn't like her. The second couple said that my destination wasn't far and gave me the impression that my goal was totally attainable!
I started out with Sunshine and ran the last to kilometers in a thunder and lightning storm. While i was shivering and getting warmer I met Matt and kirstey. Matt, a total stranger, sawe me cold and hungry as i waited for my ride and totally bought me hot chocolate and a caramel slice to help. Turned out he was a Christian, but what a great testimony of kindness and generosity!


Lynne Howard said...

aww you look so cute!

that's neat that the person bought you a hot chocolate. you know something interesting, my brother was wearing my sister's cross necklace at work the other day (waitor at Pizza Hut), and he said that whole day everyone was really nice to him. and two girls left him a huge tip, and a note that said, "This was the best service we've gotten, have a great day! love, your sisters in Christ." all because people thought he was a Christian, they were so nice to him! he came home and said he loves wearing the cross necklace! but if you think about it, seriously what does that say about Christians? can we only be bold and compassionate for people we think are Christians? why aren't other Christians that nice to my brother when they don't think he's a Christian? those people who bought you hot chocolate didn't know you're a Christian, and they still reached out to you with love. that's how we should be. we forget how big a difference a little compassion can make on other people.

B said...

good thoughts lynne. I hope i am compassionate to nonchristians and christians alike!

joyousadventures said...

B~ You are amazing!! I can't believe, actually, yes I can believe you just did that!! I love your adventure and that you challenge yourself to do absolutely crazy things!! What an accomplishment AND Great story (which always makes things worth it...I think)!! WOW!! You make me laugh A LOT...& other blogs think a lot. Thanks for being you & for being real!! ~ A

Anonymous said...

Way to go man! I hope you've got a 1/2 marathon picked out for this fall:)