Monday, September 10, 2007

So i have been craving Surfing since i left New Zealand. Since i wasn't getting in the water, i found this hill to skate down that sufficed my pain for awhile! The video is blurry but you get the point.

Then it happened. Gail force winds coming to Michigan and 3-5ft waves coming through.
So i got out my board and drove down to Holland, Lake Michigan. It was great.
I jumped off the pier behind the sets. Paddled out with Dan E and about 20 other surfers at one point,
and enjoyed surfing in about 70 degree fresh water on about a 70's day outside. Love it!
If you were to ask me if i ever thought i would be a surfer more than 5 years ago, i would've said highly doubtful. If you would've asked me if i ever thought i would be a surfer who surfed on Lake Michigan i would've just laughed at you in disbelief. Well Here i am!

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About Brandon said...

Loved the video! And your remarks about being a surfer on Lake Michigan are hilarious bro! HA!!