Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why am i not better at Evangelism?

Yesterday the SpringLake Wesleyan Staff watched a video on evangelism and it got me thinking about why i feel i fall short in this area. Here were my thoughts. Not saying they are all legit, these were just my initial thoughts:

Evangelism Pushes For Me:
  • I believe God and the Bible have truth that bring life and make it so much more clear
  • I believe there are hurting people who need the gospel
  • God offers a change, purpose, transformation that goes beyond human capability
  • I want nonChristian people to feel loved, accepted, wanted, and needed yet challenged, equipped, heard, understood, and pressed to commit and be a lifetime searcher/follower of God
  • Potential of a life of love, giving, and living for something that goes beyond us.

Evangelism Hold Ups for Me:
  • Confusion about knowing what truth is for everyone's needs and what truth i have interpreted just for me or my personality (extrovert-meeting everybody)
  • Not feeling like i have given TRUTH(God in the world/not just the US) in all the world a fair chance. ( small mindset idea)
    • Solution: start with what i know for sure
  • Relationships are too much of a time investment, i have a lot of ambitions, and too little time to invest(So sad, seems so wrong, but so the mentality)
  • Not having others of the same heart, friend/involvement group, that i would feel are where i would bring my nonChristian friends
    • Church solution these days: Small groups
  • Want it to be something i can't wait to share with people. (It hasn't transfered from me to something people HAVE to HAVE NOW the way i think it should)
    • Solution: Need to understand what it means to me
  • Balance between investing in non-Christian relationships and going into the world vs. getting them involved in church or a body of believers and not being apart of the world
  • Believing the local church has something to offer me or my friends
  • I don't want it to have to rely heavily on reading/praying (individual alone time w/ God)

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