Saturday, May 31, 2008

Prince Caspian in New Zealand!

I couldn't help but smile as the kids reentered Narnia in the new Prince Caspian movie! They were standing and playing on Cathedral's Cove in New Zealand where Dan and i have gone and hung out!

The children see glimpses through the train...

Then they are walking through the cove
Movie Shot

Dan's Shot

Movie Shot

Dan's Shot

Wait wait... was i there in the cove reading the day they were filming?!? ah just kidding, but i mine as well have been. You got to love photoshop.

Movie Shot

Dan E's Shot

Kinda makes you want to go to New Zealand!
Movie Shot
It also makes you want to congratulate Dan for having such a good eye to see all the right shots that a movie producer would see!

Plus there were two songs in the movie that i loved!
one was "The Call" by Regina Spektor Click Here to Listen

the second was "This is Home" by Switchfoot Click Here to Listen


Rachel said...

that is beyond gorgeous! i'm beyond excited!

Kelly Benware said...

Can I go with you?!