Friday, October 17, 2008

Being Famous

I have joked at times about being famous enough to have my birthday show up automatically on google search when you type in the search "Brent Dongell's Birthday."
If you type in "Brad Pitt birthday" or "George Bush birthday" or something like that, the date just comes up like it is assumed who you are talking about even though there may be hundreds of other people named Brad Pitt or George Bush.

Anyway on to the reason i wrote this. I think it would be weird to be famous. I just did a study on Charles Spurgeon and there are a number of biographies written on him, some of which are over 500 pages.
Could you imagine people dedicating their lives in study of your every move and motive? Reading everything you ever wrote and backtracking every move you made and place you visited? Spending a good portion of their life's work in understanding you. If someone asked to do that of my life, i couldn't help but chuckle. Just a random thought.

And i could only hope that they would walk away inspired in their walk with the Lord, the way i recently was in seeing Spurgeon's heart for the Lord.


Anonymous said...

Being Famous....

If Google is your way of measuring fame check out these searches:

Brent Dongell: 1,170 results

Frank Ritchie: 3,870,000 results

Jonathan Read: 41,800,000 results

Of course, all that really means is that there are a lot more Jonathan Reads then there are Brent Dongells in this world.

Jacobunny said...

Wow, Jacob Powell Birthday brought up this:

Check out little Boba Fett...Awesome.

PS: my narcicism index is sitting at 4,060,000 at present. Apparently I have a fan club?! (result no.1)

B said...

I love the google searches!

Man Jacob, i gained so much insight into your life from the powellparade! and i am sorry Jonathan for the neglect! i will start recognizing you for the search magnet you are!

I think i might take a shot of me posing and title it "Brent's Muscles" and another one of me in a solemn position and title it "Humble Brent" and another one titled...

so that the search results are more accurate!!!