Thursday, May 07, 2009

Auckland is 4th Best!

What an ingenious camaign.  Moro bar has run with the idea of being the fourth best place to live. (Based on the Business Week's "The World's Best Places to Live in 2009")

They have a commercial that may not be completely child friendly, but my favorite part is the short clip from this dancer

This anthem is now on youtube.  it is HILARIOUS is you are from auckland, but i am not sure how much of it my friends in America will understand due to the local jokes.

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BJ said...

Can I boast just a little? My little brother is the Ad Exec behind this campaign. Does it strike you that there are any similarities between this campaign and some of our cession marketing?

Should we run an add:

cession|community: Pakuranga's 4th best church!