Wednesday, May 20, 2009

IWU Team arrived!

The Indiana Wesleyan University mission's team has arrived this morning at 5:30am and the first day was full and it went well. I dropped them all off at 7:30pm tonight and i think they will sleep well!
The IWU Team: Kaitlin Hill, Carmen Record, Amy Licata, Matthew Guerin, Alecia Rapp, (left to right) Rachel Nigro came from work and hung out for awhile with us too.

We walked along the water to the downtown areaAfter that the group did a random poll of strangers downtown to get a feel for people's general reactions to Christianity and church in downtown Auckland. They enjoyd it and we had a good conversation about the diverse reactions of people

While they were meeting people I stopped into a book store for a few minutes downtown.
I found it quite interesting that:
The Bible ranked fifteenth behind the Da Vinci Code at fifth (Based on the Whitcoull's top 100 list voted on by New Zealanders).

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