Monday, May 25, 2009

Last Week This Week IWU Mission's Team


The Indiana Wesleyan Mission’s(IWU) Team arrived at 5:45am on Wednesday and it has been nonstop since. One of my favorite moments was them helping me clean up the soccer club that I intentionally play on with outreach in mind.  Non of the team is religious from what i know.  The manager and the owner of the club, both asked what the team was doing here, what church, and both responded with a contemplative “huh…” as they watched the team work hard and have a good time. Great witness to willing hearts ready to serve. I only took photos the first few days, so the pictures reflect them relationally and culturally, not the hard work they have also been doing.

The Full Maori Experience
I just came down with a scratchy voice and congestion this morning so the team is off with out me. We are preparing for the big Wesleyan Family Camp called "The Gathering" this weekend where they will serve with the children's and youth ministry and I will teach two youth seminars. Tuesday next week is reserved for the IWU team experiencing nature and the outdoors of New Zealand which should be a fun time to enjoy and rest.

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