Thursday, June 11, 2009

Videos, Videos, Videos of the past month

here are ten or so different videos of happenings over the past month or so.

The Indiana Wesleyan Mission's team was hear for two weeks in May and June. Here were a few videos from showing them around at the beginning and end

I took them downtown to see the city and walk by the Harbor

I took the team to the Auckland Museum to give them a taste of Maori culture

We went kayaking to Cathedral Cove where the filmed part of Prince Caspian

Evy, Grace, and I went surfing on a really cold day at Muriwai. Here were their responses

at The Gathering Wesleyan Family Camp the teens were entertaining themselves before the meeting

My good friend Evy Mazellan headed back to the states. Two nights before though we went to an open mic in grand central, auckland new zealand

Evy and i also went surfing the night before he left

Before Evy left i made him a rap to reflect back on our time together. It turned out pretty good and i am actually pretty impressed with my artistic ability and lack of shame in making and showing this video! haha

This is just Sam Mackay being truly Sam Mackay!


Anonymous said...

Amazing rap! I was totally thinking "Drop it like it's hot" and then you referenced it. What is your rapper name?

Rhett said...

Oh that was Rhett, by the way. Pressed enter too soon.

B said...

haha. I refer to myself as white chocolate... but i am not sure i have quite earned that title yet.

Lynne Howard said...

haha Brent, awesome rapping skills. Was that you beatboxing the whole time?! Very impressive. I see a future for you in the rapping industry!

BJ said...

oh my.