Thursday, May 26, 2011

DAWG (Day Alone With God)

I'm not sure if you have ever had a day where you practiced the idea of solitude and went off for yourself for hours at time to spend time with God, but it is well worth it and a suggestion i would make for everyone, especially those who are in ministry. Its often called a Day Alone With God.

I have heard it said that it is good to get into rhythms of
Daily: Prayer/Reading
Weekly: Sabbaths
Monthly: Days Alone with God
Yearly: few day/week retreat
(I am actually trying to implement this more into my schedule now)

I was able to have a Day Alone with God at the Beginning of the month and here were a few things that stood out from my time with the Lord:
  • We Need to Focus More on What We're Made to be instead of What we Could Be
  • Our Gifts are given to us by God to edify the church
  • If you want a Definitive answer, Pray for God's promises more than your wants because God always follows through on his Promises.
I was reading Unforgotten God by Francis and it asked me to list out my fears of giving myself fully to the Holy Spirit. Here were some of my hold ups I listed:

  • Becoming Weird/unrelatable/overbearing if speak in tongues
  • What family and church will think (small concern)
  • Becoming unstable emotionally & rationally
  • No system for proactiveness
  • Fear of not being productive: always talking or being drawn to conversation instead of work as a relational person. Mislabeling or attributing natural wants as the Holy Spirit prompting.
I appreciated the book challenging, that although we may all have our holds ups as to what it may look like, that as Christians, all fears aside, we should all desire more of the Holy Spirit. We may differ on what that looks like, but our fears should not make us quit pursuing to see more of the Holy Spirit and God in our lives either way.

Seriously, think about how you can take a day or a half a day alone with God in June.

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