Friday, May 13, 2011

My epitaph

A long time ago I was asked, what would you want to people to say about you after you were gone? how would you want them to remember you?

Hopefully it would go something like this:


Brent lived life to the full. …But it wasn’t just for himself. His life centered around others and God, that’s what made it full.

Words that described him were: sacrificial, inspiring, encouraging, passionate, strong, and generous

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junicofur said...

I think about similar questions occasionally and when I ask others they think I am slightly morbid. I don't have a great answer to such questions, but if I had a tombstone I would want "..." after the date I died, because death is not the end! And I hope that when people talk about me after death they can't do it without mentioning the name of Christ!