Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Mom is Awesome!

She has always been a one of my biggest supporters and prayer warriors.
Just Recently she got a droid phone and has been sending me random pictures over the past few weeks that i was supposed to piece together.
One or two through me off because i wasn't sure how they related to me..... and there were way more pictures than these four but what it was...
was my mom saying that she was praying for me continually. Her exact words over text were, "U cannot escape our prayers 4 u! In bed throughout the nite, in the car to & from work, special spots: greenchair, ur room, taco bell, sitting in church, under NZ cloudy skies, on a walk, reading ur blog... always praying 4 u with more love and pride than you will ever know!!! O:-) "

You want to know how I live the way I do? Its because of godly loving parents like this that God has placed in my life that i could never replace.

I love you mom

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About Brandon said...

She is an awesome lady for sure!!!