Thursday, May 05, 2011

God Watching Over Me.

I really like what these three pictures taken in the last 8 months symbolize:

My mom pointed out in this first picture that it looks like "God's eye" in this tree from my front yard and said it symbolized to her that God was looking out for me.
I love the posture of this second picture taken in the Grand Canyon. The Sun is so Bright and the rays just look like God to me. I feel like my posture on the rock is how i have been coming to the Lord since being here. Humbly at his service and waiting to hear from Him.
and the last picture was from a youth event this last weekend which has a lot of core people from the student ministries and really symbolizes a year of God's fruitfulness and blessing in this ministry and friendships.

Thanks God, for watching over me.

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