Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fulfilling Day

I woke up today
Picked up my license
Worked 8 hours
drove and played netball
shopped for a few toiletries
Stopped in on Annie Wright and Emily Fussner for a couple of hours
drove back
and vegged

These days are fulfilling because i am getting the majority of the needs my personality and body makeup needs

I got exercise (netball)
I executed my responsibility (work) (another example would be school, church, etc.)
I got tasks done- picked up my wallet and got shopping done
I had spontaneous time- visiting Annie and Emily
I had time to read- (Devotions)
I got social time (work, netball, and Annie/emily)
I got alone time (driving 30 min to and from netball)
I got to help others (teach newbie at work and give gifts)

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