Friday, April 13, 2007

The last two weeks!

This next week i will be instructing a surf camp at Raglan's (rated one of the top ten surf beaches in the world!)

This last week me and Dan were instructing surf lessons at Tairua, close to hot water beach where Dan and I traveled earlier.

Before that i had a good time with the crew over Easter
Josh & Becca, Annie, David, Graemme, Dorine, Emily Fussner, Julia, and Dan all got together and had lunch, had an easter egg hunt, played on Josh's Wi, went to a park and threw a frisbee around, and then went back and hung out. It was such a good day.

Before that i was able to meet up with the Waughs and some of these friends for dinner after work on Saturday. I was able to help a lady at work that day in a really cool way that i will post on soon.

Dan's girlfriend Julie came a week earlier and they spent a week traveling the North Island. it was good to see her during her time here!

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