Monday, April 02, 2007

Perspective Video

I have some ideas that i think will make great short films to make a point. Maybe i will do something with it in the future with this first idea.

In relating my situations to how God must feel, Here is a situation below.

God perspective #1
Awhile ago i had a friend named John accuse me of not really caring for him or what mattered to him. It hurt! It hurt because i had been intentionally going out of my way to help John around the time he expressed his feelings of disappointment. John couldn't see that i could and was doing everything possible i could to help him in his current situation. At least everything that i could do to help him within my good conscience. That night that he accused me of not caring or only somewhat caring, John touched something deep. It hurt.

It not only accused me, it accused my love for him, it challenged all my efforts to show him how much i loved him and wanted the best for him. I sobbed. I honestly hadn't cried uncontrollably like that in a long time. How could he not see that i had sacrificed my time, put his immediate needs above my own, done everything i could do to help him at the time, and it still wasn't enough because John's problem wasn't fixed and he hadn't gotten what he wanted?!?

I can't imagine what it would feel like being a parent and hearing your child say, "You don't love me or care about me!" I would be devastated.

I can't even come CLOSE to imagining what it would feel like to make humans, to create this world of good and try your best to love on humans and to have SO many say,
"You don't even care about me."
"I don't even know who you are"
"You don't even care about me, you just want what is best for yourself."

to have so many choosing to hurt themselves, hold on to their own problems and only seeing what they are not getting what they want and accusing you of not loving them because of it. We are pretty screwed up as humans!

Thank you God for putting up with us.

I appreciate you doing your best for us

And for creating this world that you thought would be best for us to learn how to grow and find you in it.

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