Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Paid off

I drove to Steve's house and paid off the accident. Even though it was small it feels so good to put that behind me for the time being. I have been working a TON this week to make up for that accident. You know what i realized. I have spent a lot time focusing on myself and my problems. I am excited to start shifting my focus back towards others more and seeing how i could help them! Thanks for your prayers and support. This trip has been so good knowing that i have family, friends, and your prayers behind me. IWU should be getting out soon! I need to call and email a few friends this weekend in the midst of their stress!


Anonymous said...

You look so much older with your hairy face! ha ha - sounds like a crazy life in New Zealand - just heard that Sarah Dekker will be out there teaching soon, you should look her up! Hey, I hope you have a wonderful Easter! We are praying for you! You're awesome! -AP

Anonymous said...

i sure do enjoy the blogs brent, i sure can relate to what you said. i have been there many times before but know that you are amazing and a true blessing to my life. keep serving him and enjoying your adventure. HAPPY EASTER and wish you were here.


Anonymous said...

brent, i watch the video of the good hair day. that was quite funny. just hope you are loving life and i truly miss not having you around here. How much longer will you be in New Zealand? What one word would you use to describe your time there so far?

little brother,
Tyler Green

B said...

The one word i thought was my purpose in being here was preparation, but after being here, the one word i would use to describe my time is two words, pressing forward