Monday, June 04, 2007

Australia Here we Come!

Dan, Trace, Adam, and I all head out today on my birthday to fly into Melbourne!
Yep, you heard me right, Dan is IN!!! He was contemplating going home early, but here he is, packing and ready to go!

Australia(Southeast Coast) to drive up the East Coast of Australia! We will get a campervan and stay with friends along the way. I will most likely not post while on the trip but when i return on June 21 i am sure i will have plenty of thoughts and pictures to share!

Your prayers are appreciated as there are way too many accident prone guys one small campervan with a lot of poisonous animals around us all at the same time! Sounds like an adventure!

The Great Barrier Reef, go to Black Seeds (reggae band) concert, visit Hillsongs on Sunday, maybe an Australian rugby game(AFL) in Melbourne, surf the coast, and make some friends along the way! Sounds good to me!

The boys fly out June 17(Sun) and i take a few extra days to relax in Australia and fly back to New Zealand until June 21.

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