Monday, June 18, 2007

The Austalia Trip Recap!

I Just sent off Dan, Trace, and Adam yesterday from the Brisbanne Airport in Australia. Sad days as the trip comes to a close. I am here in Australia until Thursday just hanging out with Tash, Hayley, and Sue (relatives of Jan Mackay back in New Zealand). It was a crazy emotional day yesterday, as i sent off my two great friends back to San Diego and my companion and traveling partner at the close of his whole New Zealand/Australia trip and journey. The two girls in these pictures are Hayley to the right and Tash to the left. They came along on the trip to Cairns)the Great Barrier Reef.

I will post more pictures when i get back to New Zealand end of this week
Jen(my sister) is supposed to have her baby this week!!!! Crazy Tuesday is the day she will go into induced labor!!!

Below is a recap of the last three weeks with Trace and Adam visiting. I just copy and pasted the memories from what i had typed up for the guys so it may not all make sense but you will get the point.

Monday- Thursday 18-21
Retreat and relax in Brisbanne, Australia

Sunday 17- Going Home
Send Trace and Adam off to L.A.
Hangout with Dan
Send Dan off to Michigan
Went to Church and Crashed

Saturday 16- Byron Bay
Had an amazing breakfast
Surfed and hungout at Byron Bay with Sue
Shopped til we dropped in Byron Bay
Gelati ice cream
Tash and Brent saw rings of Saturn
Ate Tim Tams and Hot Chocolate
Watched Starsky & Hutch, rugby, & Cars

Friday 15-Arriving & Skating
Failed attempt to see sunrise
Sign Picture Taking with Tash and Brent
Cairns trip came to an end
Hayley and Brent went for a Run
Rugby and Frisbee in Field
Went skating with Tash and youth Group
Played Yeehah!!! at Maccas
Watched Cars
Had Tim Tams w/ Hot Chocolate

Thursday 14- Driving Back
Best Campervan Switch of our Lives!!!
Drove from Cairns
2 Dance Parties in the Campervan
Sugarcane Stop
Green Tree Frog Find

Wednesday 13- Great Barrier Reef in Cairns
Snorkeled and Scuba'd Great Barrier Reef
When Sea Sickness goes bad
Touched Sea Turtles!
Cuzzi Time at Cairns International Hotel
and 1st Hot Shower!
Watched State of Origin at Courtside Hotel and Restaraunt
Stayed in Shenannigan's janky hotel
Dan and Hayley played and walked
Trace Roamed
Adam and Tash had Deep Talks(DNM)

Tuesday 12- Drive to Cairns
Climbing Trees & Sort of watched sunrise
Ice Cream stop by the pond
Planned snorkeling and hungout
Trace spanking, cracking coconuts, and fly tomato sauce
Sunset Detour to Airlie Beach
Dock jumping(Hayley's poor landing abilities), watching sunset, and weird guys bathroom
Kicked the Rugby Ball around and guy yelled at us
Drove and finished in Cairns
Brent pulled allnighter

Monday 11- Road Trip to Cairns
Met Tash, Hayley, Sue, family, and friends
Dinner together
Packed and started road trip in the Toyota 4WD
Gas stop of throw up with Adam and Hayley
Car sickness and first conversations together

Sunday 10- Surfing Coogee and Hillsong
Surfed at Coogee
Went into Natural Rock Pool
Hillsong at Night
Welcome Conversations upstairs afterward
Drive to Brisbanne

Saturday 9- Black Seeds Concert
Art Museum
Dancing at the Black Seeds Concert
Downtown Pictures under the Bridge

Friday 8- AFL Game & Aleesha Hangout
Said farewell to Balnarring family
Switched Campervans
Walked around Melbourne and square
AFL game!
Met up with Aleesha and Friends downtown

Thursday 7- Great Ocean Road, Kangaroos, & Koalas
Great Ocean Road Trip
Chased Kangaroos on the golf course
Stopped in Surf City
Hiked to waterfall
Koala Watching along the Road
Twelve Apostles at Sunset
walked out to edge of the rocks
The Waves were HUGE

Wednesday 6- Belle's Beach & Melbourne Downtown
Surfed Belle's Beach
Went to Crown's Casino(World's coolest hotel)
Trace Riding the Pony arcade
Shopping at Surf Shop

Tuesday 5- Flying to Australia
Tried to sell car
Downtown Shopping
Flew to Melbourne, Australia
figured out car rental
met Roni, Terri, and Monica in Balnarring

Monday 4- Pictionary & Family Dinner
PS2, Pack, Hangout Day
Sausage and Sauce Dinner with Family
Pictionary and Hangout

Sunday 3- Wesleyan Camp in Taupo
Went to Wesleyan Family Camp in Taupo
Hungout with the crew at bungee jump and Huka Falls
Dinner and Krumping(dancing) with Tongan Youth

Saturday 2- All Black's Game
Tried Veggiemite
Reuben and Tom's soccer games
Tried Pavolova dessert for the first time
All Black's Game

Friday 1- Raglan & Billy
Surfed Raglan in the Morning
Fish n Chips for lunch
Barnacle fight in afternoon
Crazy Drive up the bumpy dirt road
Chased Cows and Sheep (Billy)

Thursday 31- Surfing Bethel's
Slept in
Went Back Downtown to All Black's Store
Surfed at Bethel's until dark
glow worms in cave
Tried first takeaway fish n chips/LnP/Pineapple Lumps

Wednesday 30-Rangitoto and Yates
Kayak and hiked Mount. Rangitoto (Auckland's volcano)
Lamb Dinner at the Yates' House
First Tim Tam experience

Tuesday 29- Arrival and Movie
One Tree Hill
Walk around Downtown
Breakfast at McDonald's with McCafe
Sam's Rugby Game (adam hurts ankle)
Pirates of the Caribbean 3@ World's Largest Movie Theater

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