Monday, June 04, 2007

Wesleyan Camp

I am tired.... I have run the guys around and been a pretty good tour guide if i do say so myself!... but i am tIRED!

We have went everywhere
Done everything
And might sell the car tomorrow in the process!
We went to the All-Blacks Game on Saturday night! The Haka was amazing! I will try and post a video of it later.

Trace, Adam and i were able to go the the Wesleyan Family Camp Yesterday as well! It was so good to be together with the family worshiping and to see so many friends coming together. That has been an amazing time for many of the churches and people who have attended the camp in the Wesleyan church. I always walk away so encouraged by the body of Christ!
Us with the Yates' Family. (Mike Yates is thepastor of shoregrace where i help at)
During some free time we were able to check out the falls with some of the group(picture above)

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