Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We Made It!

We are in Melbourne today. We are staying with Gorton, friends of friends of my family back in Indiana. Will Be in Sydney for Hillsong on Sunday and up to Brisbanne to drop off a car Monday. We plan to get up to the Great Barrier Reef after that and get back to Brisbanne to enjoy and fly out on Sunday July 17. This will be my last post for the trip. Once again your prayers for the relationships, conversations, and safety are HIGHLY appreciated!

Thought for the Day:
God GAVE me today to...
grow in my relationships with these guys
grow closer to his truth through conversation and being in his nature
love those in my realm of influence today
glorify him by using the gifts and abilities he has given me to enjoy and for his purposes
spread himself in Australia while i am here
enjoy his creativity and beauty through the ability he has given me to have sight
make God a priority by searching for Him and His wisdom as a priceless hidden treasure


About Brandon said...

Happy Birthday, Brent!!!

We love you!

Courtney Day said...

Hillsong as in Hillsong the worship band? I looove those guys!