Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Tribute to Spring Lake Wesleyan Church

I have loved it hear so far.

Every Monday we have staff devotions at 9am. At the end, we break out into groups and pray over the prayer requests handed in by the congregation. It is amazing to see those requests tangibly covered in prayer by not just one person, but the whole church staff.

The youth staff is great.
Josh(left), Dan (top), & Julie (bottom)
Dan Ward is the visionary leader (speaking and vision youth pastor)
Julie O Kelly is the work horse (administrative assistant)
Julie Collins is the coordinator (discipleship youth pastor)
Josh Carroll is the production (worship intern)
I'm the random game guy (programming intern)

They all do great at what they do, and by no means are limited to this description.
Everyone just enjoys working with each other.
Julie O Kelly, Josh, & me at our first event

The senior pastor Dennis Jackson is a working fiend, but does a great job of not letting work define him. He often becomes teary eyed as he shares his heart with the staff. Him and his wife Gwen have led hear faithfully for the last 10 years

The staff is very candid and real.

The church is known for being great at investing in people and making sure that you feel included and important. It is a good thing happening here.
My time here is running short(7 weeks), but the people are cool and i am learning a lot.

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