Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What Does God Want From Me?

Before i get thoughtful, i just thought you should know that I cooked Dinner for the Family Tonight!
Chicken alfredo, salad, garlic bread, and oreo shakes for dessert! (with a little help from Suzie)
I forgot to take a picture before, but the chicken alfredo was allgone afterwards as you can see!
Does God have a perfect Brent in mind? ...for now or at any point in my life?
Is there a certain job, a certain personality with strengths and no weaknesses, a certain amount of hours i should sleep, certain places i should be financially etc.?
How would God see you as the perfect _____(insert your name)?

Does God see one model of how i should be? of where i need to get to?
Is he happy watching me develop or is there always a missed opportunity of what i should be?
What is my life story to be?
a Job? Righteous Prosperity
a Jesus? Loving Teacher
an Abraham? Responsible Father
a Moses? Miracle Wanderer
a Jacob? Wrestler with God
Does it matter whether:
I influence the masses or the few?
I prove myself responsible over a lot or a little?
I become almost superhuman or humble in my frail humanity?
I search the depths of God or master the obvious truths?
How do i set my life to love people?
How do i set my life to apply all of Brent to serve God and others?
How do i live this life to the fullest?
How do i live with certainty, purpose, and confidence?
How do i learn to love, know, and listen to God?

Questions i ask myself ever so often without full answers until they come around the next time.


Anonymous said...

hey brent, it's been forever since i've seen you! it's kinda funny because the questions that are on this post i've been asking myself similar ones. i guess it's good to know i'm not the only one ;) hope you have a great week!

Lynne Howard said...

hey B- #1- I"m impressed with your cooking skills! :)

#2; actually interestingly, I just talked for a long time with Chris Bounds today about all this stuff in your blog. These are some things he touched on: -as far as God's will for us and the part He plays in ordaining His specific will for us...God working in such divine coerciveness in the lives of Moses and Paul (etc) was not the norm for how he interacted with people- it was the exception. The main thing is we're created in the image of God, and that means= Free Will; God doesn't NORMALLY coerce/lead/direct us into things...we have ability to make choices, and God guides our hearts as we respond to things...
so does God have a perfect plan for our lives? for which church we take a job at? for how many hours of sleep we get a night? Which activities we're involved in? which person we marry? The most likely answer is that we have the options to choose, and He doesn't have a tightrope plan that we could fall off if we make a wrong step. If God had one specific person for us to marry, and we miss them and marry the wrong person, then the person we were SUPPOSED to marry would have married the wrong person, causing a whole CHAIN of people marrying the wrong people, and thus, being out side of God's "will" - not so much...
I don't even think God has a perfect Brent that ministers to certain people in certain churches. I think he will judge Brent according to your faithfulness, even if you are not seeing the fruit of your ministry. If your heart is right: loving God and loving people, then you are in the will of God, and you are the perfect Brent.

*that's what Chris Bounds would say. * :)
sorry it was so stinkin long!

B said...

good stuff. Thanks for the comments. I don't think he has that tight of a reign on success in theory, but i sometimes doubt myself when i put my life into practice as to what are God's standards.

Anonymous said...


here is my two cents worth...

JUST DO IT! doesnt matter where you fit or what you think you should be doing...just do SOMETHING.

love you big boy even though you are slightly gay. ;o)