Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why can't i do everything?

I can't put myself down just because i am young. So often i have thought something was wrong with me because i didn't have everything figured out. In 1st grade i tried to be cool with the 3rd graders. My jr. high friends i wanted to be a high schooler. In High school, it was a compliment to be mistaken for a college student. As a 23 year old i wish i was more responsible like my parents. Yet, We all know that our heart goes out to the 11 year old girl who has way too much make up on and is trying way too hard to be something she is not. You want to tell her so bad, "Just enjoy being a kid. You will grow up soon enough." I didn't realize until today that i was that girl... figuratively speaking! :) I need to enjoy being 23. I am growing, but i don't have finances, time management, and direction all figured out and that is okay. I am being worked on until the day of completion, but that does not mean i am deficient. Just not everything i will be capable of. That is not a put down, not something i have to strive to complete now, but something to work towards and look forward to when i get to heaven. God help me to strive forward with an intensity that is of you and help me to be know that i am completely loved and acceptable in this moment to you as well.

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