Thursday, October 25, 2007

So Good

This has been the first week that i have been able to just enjoy myself. I have had this overwhelming sense of there is more to do (with support raising especially) until this week. This last Saturday, i went to a wedding and it was SO good. It was just a lot of fun. Since then, life has just been a little bit lighter. Tuesday night, i laid my head down on my pillow and i was not exhausted, but i was not worried about having a lot to do. Life was good and moving forward. Life is getting to a place where my mind is at ease. Where i know the task is great and there is plenty of work in front of me, yet i know God is in control, and i am okay working hard and just being day by day. So good.

I just wish i could learn a lesson like this once and never have to learn it again

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