Thursday, October 25, 2007

So Good. Part 2.

Comically, whenever i get to this place of contentment it must be borderline cocky, because i always seem to be humbled right afterwards!

Three Years ago, i started to jump higher than normal. I loved it when i was playing basketball, but this soon landed me with a torn ACL.(seen below)
Well last night, I could ollie higher than ever before. It was a good night so i decided to bust out my skateboard instead of my longboard to see if i could still pull any tricks. While i was skating and waiting for a friend, i rolled my ankle It definitely swelled up and was irritated.
And my short-term health insurance is more for major accidents so i didn't know how much i would actually do to get it checked! It will be okay though. Also, this is small, but the youth group game i was in charge of tonight was a "shoe-in" and i bombed it. I felt good about this game because i had done it in the past, so i didn't prepare well.

I feel like God consistently humbles me or Satan frustrates me in the realm of irresponsibility, insurance, money, and/or physical accidents. Especially around the time that I mentally concede, "I finally feel in control of things." How does that work? What does this mean? Questions i don't have complete answers for!

I rest in verses like Psalm 73, but always wonder at least a little bit whether it is testing, temptation, or just stupidity. This is my life. I feel like this blog is a consistent theme of my life. Like if i were to write a top 5 articles of my life, most of them would be positive but one sad one would be the consistent humbling of God.

One problem of being a single young adult:
I want to be less self-centered. Most of the problems i deal with center around me still. I know that changes as your grow into a family and/or community, but i hope i get better at this even now being where i am.

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Dan said...


josh told me you hurt your ankle, so when i clicked on your blog and saw that picture i thought that was from last night! glad it was an old picture. haha

i'm glad God has been keeping you humble. you're really talented and have a lot of natural (i.e. God-give) skills. God's been working in and through you in big ways, and I know He has even bigger things in store.

Nice tribute to SLWC below! It's been so great having you be a part of the team for this season.

Love you bro,