Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

I heard that they had green pumpkins instead of orange, so i was inspired to make a crazy ridiculous green jack o lantern... turns out they are white
and the skins are like three times as thick so it took forever to carve out!!!We had a fun group. Graeme my flatmate in the top left Daniel Marr, and me and Heidi, Rachel and a new friend from the coffee house, Ylva.

For Ylva from Sweden and the two other kiwis this was their first time carving a pumpkin. The Halloween traditions are relatively small in New Zealand, Sweden, and Fiji from what they tell me.
Here are our mean pumpkins and a heart.Me trying to be mean like my pumpkin
Graeme trying to pull the Michael Jackson Thriller in the back
and some of us trying to be the headless horseman gearing up for our scary Halloween movie.


Heidi said...

my pumpkin was not "mean" was "ghetto."

Anonymous said...

i like it when graeme makes the blog. ;)

B said...

haha, that was mentioned by graeme as well, so i will make sure to make that a more common occurrence!!